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Financial advisory for a sustainable future!

EthicalFin, a London-based, FCA regulated impact investing advisory boutique, aims to bring ethics (back) into the financial industry by catalysing capital for positive change and by promoting the use of money for good

We are promoting sustainability at a personal, business and global level

What We Do




NPL / Capital







We are committed to focusing on people more than numbers, breaking down the conflicts of interests and information asymmetries typical of complex financial transactions in order to achieve win-win-win results

We are part of a broad eco-system of partners who share our vision and values and complement our skills and expertise in order to increase our value added and impact

Our fees are based on the scope of work transparently agreed with our client in advance, typically involving result-based retainer fees (“you pay for what you see”) and success fees on the successful completion of the transaction (“we take part in your success”). We are also open to fee structures that best align our interests to those of all the parties involved in a transaction

Pommes D’Or, our Holding company, commits to co-investing alongside our investor clients after terms have been agreed on the transaction, thus promoting a long term, win-win-win relationship amongst the parties


Our values

Our leadership team thrives to act in accordance with our stated core values so that they don’t stay as words but rather transpire through our behavior. Our company name is testament to such commitment and makes us accountable to each and every stakeholder.

“It is only through action that we can reinforce ethics in to the financial markets. It is only through leadership that we can gain momentum and bring about change.”

Alessandro Mele

Our core values are

EthicalFin’s team works with the highest ethical and professional standards, acts in accordance with the law, the regulations and stated corporate values and provides the maximum level of independence, honesty, confidentiality, respect and reliability to its customers and counterparties

We promote the respect for all of our internal and external stakeholders (employees, partners and clients) and the environment

By working in partnership with our clients and internal and external professional network with an entrepreneurial spirit, we unlock tremendous synergies from the different skills, experiences and expertise of our extended eco-system, thus maximising value creation

We are building a very innovative, open and sustainable organisation; we provide a unique combination of entrepreneurial, strategic, financial and sustainable support to our clients. By thinking out of the box, we develop tailor-made solutions specific to our clients’ vision and industry to help them grow sustainably



Alessandro and his team are passionate adopters of the principles of impact investing. With EthicalFin, companies and investors have the opportunity to structure good deals while protecting the interests of both sides, not an impossible win-win approach. Often a Co-investor, EthicalFin is aligned with its own clients.

Paola Bergamaschi Broyd

Non executive director, Bank of New York Mellon Int

Capital raising for early stage technology businesses can be extremely challenging, especially when with hardware based business models.  The team at EthicalFin were truly influential in the overall success of our capital raise campaign. Their experienced and passionate management team dived deep in to the core aspects of the business, crystallising the strategy and supporting how it was represented to investors.  It was a genuine pleasure working with EthicalFin at this critical phase of our business growth and we are excited to build our relationship with them as we continue to grow.

Christopher Williams

CEO, Naked Energy

Ho avuto il piacere di condividere alcune esperienze professionali in ambito di investimenti sulle energie rinnovabili con Alessandro Mele, che si è sempre dimostrato un serio professionista nel suo ambito finanziario. La serietà e l’etica dimostrata mi permette ancora oggi, di organizzare momenti di business interessanti.

Roberto Caccia

Renewable Energy Business Developer Senior, Studio CA

I have known Alessandro for many years, as a colleague and as a friend. I appreciate in Alessandro the great technical ability, the long experience and the entrepreneurial approach. I want also to emphasize my high regard for his integrity and ethical values that have always characterized his approach towards the customers and partners. I am sure that in this new adventure we will see the best of it all.

Francesca Cocco

Partner, Lerxi Consulting

Alessandro ha una straordinaria capacità di inquadramento delle questioni e una assoluta propensione alla pragmaticità nell’assunzione delle relative azioni; lavorare con lui è un’esperienza sempre molto proficua. Coniuga inoltre una elevata professionalità ad una impronta etica assolutamente encomiabile.

Christian Faggella

Amministratore Delegato, La Scala Società tra Avvocati

Alessandro is committed, dynamic, customer oriented combining strong analytical as well as innovative skills. In addition, he is a great person.

Jean-Damien Fournier

Executive with extensive operational and functional experience in industry, GE

EthicalFin has assisted our group at a very significant time, when we have developed and strongly accelerated our flexible workspace business model; the team at EthicalFin have demonstrated high professional integrity, entrepreneurial passion and technical expertise. I have personally appreciated their ability to think out of the box and combine strategic thinking, financial structuring and real estate skills.

Pietro Martani

CEO and Founder, Copernico Holding S.p.A.

EthicalFin helped us organize and run a competitive bid process for the sale of one of our Italian asset management companies. They proved to be a trustworthy and reliable advisor who delivered timely results and handled all processes with care and dedication.

Aneliya Erdly

CEO, Silver Ridge Power, LLC

We have worked with EthicalFin during our fund raising. They have worked very hard and very professionally – I have very much appreciated the preparation of each meeting and the highly professional management of the process with one of our key investors. EthicalFin is one of our preferred corporate finance partners for the Italian market and we look favourably to future opportunities of doing business together.

Akhil Awasthi

Managing Partner, Tata Capital Growth Fund

In a now very mature market such as Italy’s NPL market and for an experienced bank like ours, having completed in the past other NPL sales, we greatly appreciated the speed and professionalism of our advisors BCC Gestione Crediti and of the joint team EthicalFin NPL -BALBEC. This transaction represents an acceleration with respect to the goals of our 2017 NPL dismissal plan.

Arturo Miotto

General Manager, BCC Monsile

Let’s work together

If you are a visionary entrepreneur, an investor, a financial professional or an employee in a sustainable organisation and you like what we stand for, please get in touch, we would love to work together!

Investing in Happiness

Why we should change the name Impact Investing to Conscious Investing


Impact investing is a rapidly growing area of finance. This is good news. Anything that helps money flow toward positive social and ecological results is to be strongly encouraged. But behind the good news lies a hidden assumption which needs illuminating, if we are to realise the full potential of impact investing at the scale and speed current global challenges require.

The assumption is hidden in plain sight. To call this impact investing, is to imagine or pretend that other forms of investing do not also have social and ecological impacts beyond the purely financial. Clearly this is nonsense. We must recognise that every form of investment, every choice of where to put our money, and every money flow decision creates an impact. And, de facto, if the impact is not consciously benefiting social or ecological outcomes, it is quite likely damaging them.

Business and finance are not neutral:

To call this new, growing development impact investing, is to unwittingly collude with the powerful but unfounded assumption that business and finance are somehow neutral disciplines. That our conventional assumptions about how we earn and grow money are not part of an entrenched value system. This is basically what has been taught in business schools for generations. We are told that business is business, finance is finance and money is money. Ethics is relegated to a peripheral discussion, often an unsophisticated one, to be had another time.

We must recognise that all business, all finance and all investment has impacts. What is starting to grow now is people’s consciousness about these impacts. Impact investors are therefore actually conscious investors. They are increasingly aware of several important dynamics and relationships that have always been present in the money system but usually disregarded. Here are some of them:

Relationship 1: Relationships between different parts of the system:

The money I invest in a company is a sign of support for the way that company treats its employees, local communities and the natural world. Normal business logic has not tended to see it that way – restricting its vision to a narrower range of relationships. But the wider relationships are present in the system nonetheless – whether we acknowledge them or not.

Conscious investing recognises the importance of a company’s effect on stakeholders far and wide, human and non-human[1]. The investor has become more conscious of the reality of these relationships, their inevitability and their importance.

Relationship 2 – Relationship between different points in time:

The money I invest in a company today is both a backing for and determinant of a particular future that awaits my children and future generations. Again this is not a neutral thing. Investing in certain technologies, industries and activities may express support for a polluted and unstable future or a healthy and life sustaining one.

By consciously investing money in businesses who are working toward the sort of world I actually want to see, I am recognising and respecting the relationships between past, present and future. These relationships have always been there, but now my investment choices are consciously acknowledging their reality.

Relationship 3 – Relationship between my money and my life:

The assumption of business as a value neutral, objective force in the world has relied on a historic separation between business and money on the one hand, and our heart and soul on the other. We all have our own words describing this separation. Whatever the words, conventional business logic has tended to assume and demand a separation between the personal and the professional, the heart and the head, the things I care most deeply about, and the things I am told must be done in the ‘real world’. This separation has been largely unconscious, but of course in reality such aspects of life cannot really be separated. There is always a price to pay if we try to separate them.

Conscious investing is beginning to acknowledge this, and therefore has a role in a gradual healing [2] taking place in the world of business and finance. By consciously investing, I am recognising that money is not just a quantity, a number. The quality of my money – where it has come from, and where it is going, who it has affected and how those things resonate with my innermost values, is also important.

Recognising deeper relationships:

These relationships – between different places, different time periods, and different inner and outer aspects of our lives have always been there. They have always been present in the business and finance system, though very often ignored. The historical industrial and financial logic has created and demanded a sense of split. This has been largely unconscious. Most people in business and finance have just assumed that is the way it is, and must be.

Impact investors – let us now call them conscious investors, as well as those working toward positive social and ecological outcomes in business – let us call them conscious business people, are consciously using their money, time and skills to support the flow of life itself. This is vital, important, necessary work to be celebrated. By recognising that de facto all business has impact, and that we must therefore all become conscious and clear about what those impacts are in reality, we can accelerate and celebrate this vitally important shift.

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