We are a London-based, FCA regulated merchant banking advisory boutique focused on the Italian market across the board and with a particular focus on clean tech and renewable energy. We help sustainable corporates raise capital through privately placed equity or debt instruments (“club deals”) with qualified investors.

Alessandro Mele, founder and CEO of EthicalFin, brings over 20 years of broad experience in primary investment banking institutions in the City of London and his extensive network of professional relationships in Italy and around the world.

EthicalFin has attracted a team of very experienced, high integrity professionals working as a team to assist sustainable businesses thrive and grow by providing strategic and financial support with a partnership approach.

We are committed to bringing the highest ethical standards into our business by addressing key conflicts of interests vìs-a-vìs our client base and aligning ourselves to both the clients’ and the investors’ best outcomes to achieve win-win-win results.

We have re-engineered the way financial advisory is performed by breaking down asymmetries of interests between parties and by mitigating as much as possible all potential conflicts of interests through:


Ethical and transparent behaviors, consistent with our stated corporate values


Thinking out-of-the-box to find innovative solutions in order to match deals and investors


A seamless engagement process and fair compensation structures to create long term partnerships with our counterparties


Our fee structure is a time based retainer fee, success fee on closing and co-investment alongside the investor
Our business model is based upon the selection, jointly with the client, of trusted yet independent corporate/technical advisors carrying out the business/technological due diligence and valuation
Our corporate governance is structured such that a team of independent and ethical senior advisors supervises and monitors the engagement and co-investment processes to address any potential conflicts

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