I appreciated his calm, analytical and pragmatic approach to business development. He demonstrates a sincere enthusiasm in approaching new challenges and problem solving. EthicalFin brand is a true reflection of Alessandro’s transparent and fair approach to business ventures.”
Lorenzo Gallucci, CEO BGB Weston
I was particularly impressed with Alessandro’s grasp of the specific sector of the deal; I also appreciated the ease with which we established reciprocal trust and a positive team work approach.”
Alessandro Baroni, Senior Partner, Cross Border
I have worked with Alessandro directly and indirectly, on the opposite side of the table as well as the same. In all instances, Alessandro has brought professionalism, intelligence, good judgement and, not insignificantly, humour, to all his dealings, traits that have served him well in the past and continue to do so especially well during this period of market dislocation and realignment.”
Adam Toft, Founder, Toft Consulting
I have known Alessandro for many years, as a colleague and as a friend. I appreciate in Alessandro the great technical ability, the long experience and the entrepreneurial approach. I want also to emphasize my high regard for his integrity and ethical values that have always characterized his approach towards the customers and partners. I am sure that in this new adventure we will see the best of it all. ”
Francesca Cocco, Partner, Lerxi Consulting
Alessandro did an exceptional job on the recent project. He was fantastic to work with. Self motivated, intelligent, open minded and responsible perfectionist. Forward thinking, deadline oriented, eager and strong person. Alessandro never refuses you when you ask him for help. ”
Benjamin Radomski, Marketing & communications, Business e via Italy (BEV)