The values of a strong corporate identity are fundamentally established through clear and ethical leadership values. At EthicalFin, we constantly strive to act in accordance with our stated core values and to be accountable to all our stakeholders – our colleagues, partners, corporate and investor clients and the environment at large

“It is only through action that we can reinforce ethics in to the financial markets.
It is only through leadership that we can gain momentum and bring about change.”

As the founder and CEO of Ethicalfin, I am accepting responsibility and the commitment to lead and define the ethical values of our work and partnerships. My core values are based upon integrity and respect. These two words are the defining features of the EthicalFin approach, which is why I am proud to place the years I have spent building my personal reputation as a man of integrity into developing EthicalFin.

EthicalFin’s leadership team works with the highest ethical and professional standards, acts in accordance with the law, the regulations and stated corporate values, and provides the maximum level of independence, honesty, confidentiality, respect and reliability to its customers and counterparties

We promote the respect for all of our internal and external stakeholders (employees, partners and clients) and the environment

We Work in partnership with our clients and counterparties and enhance the value added by leveraging the synergies stemming from the different skills, experiences and expertise of the team members

EthicalFin is innovative, dynamic and open-minded in its approach. We enjoy thinking out of the box, develop tailored made solutions in the constant pursuit of creative business opportunities, products and solutions for our clients.