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Headquartered in London with offices in Rome and Milan, EthicalFin operates through two sister companies, both controlled by Pommes D’Or Family Office:

EthicalFin Limited, a London-based and FCA regulated company that arranges deals and advises qualified investors

EthicalFin NPL S.r.l., a Rome-based, non-performing loan debt collection company, regulated pursuant to art. 115 of Royal Decree n. 773 of 18 June 1931 (Testo Unico delle Leggi di Pubblica Sicurezza or T.U.L.P.S.)

We also work with a network of like-minded partners who share our values and mission and complement our skills and expertise, forming our eco-system

Through our services we specifically aim to promote the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Corporate finance

Our services are dedicated to visionary, socially motivated and environmentally friendly entrepreneurs; we love partnering with them and complement their team’s skills and expertise with ours in order to promote sustainable growth strategies and assist with the raising of capital from like-minded investors


EthicalFin acts as a partner for its clients to convert their visions into actionable plans and to attract the right investors for long lasting sustainable growth



EthicalFin knows what inverstors are looking for and how to prepare for it, let’s work together to achieve your success. Trust us, no more advice by trial and error!



  • Growth strategy and business plans
    – Support in the fine tuning of corporate strategy and translation into sustainable business plans
    – Preparing financial plans, international expansion, feasibility analysis and business assessments
    – Searching for potential industrial or capital partners to support growth
    – Identify and implement corporate synergies, business development, Non-Executive Directors
  • Capital raising & IPO support
    – Support in preparing IPOs and AIM listing and beauty contest for NOMADs
    – Debt & equity sourcing for clean energy/social impact infrastructure
    – Capital raisings from the “right” investors (venture capital and private equity funds, family offices)
    – Tailor-made real estate vehicles/funds and equity sourcing for high impact real estate projects
    – Define and implement corporate communication and investor relations strategies
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    – Identifying potential strategic targets by analysing synergies and selecting the best solutions
    – Support in the divestiture of non core assets/subsidiaries
    – Full support in M&A transactions
    – Negotiation of partnerships and joint ventures
  • Debt advisory
  • Corporate and/or debt restructurings, debt optimisation, renegotiation and refinancing
  • Structure securitisation transactions
  • Arrange secured and unsecured lending facilities, credit cycle management
  • Divestiture and/or financing of illiquid credit and non-performing loan portfolios
  • Promote sustainability and assist with preparing sustainability reports
    – Ensure corporate strategy and business plans incorporate long term sustainability
    – Promote corporate social responsibility
    – Support in preparing the sustainability report

NPL / Capital Markets

Non-performing loans

EthicalFin works with banks, special servicers and investors in order to originate, assess, manage and (co-) invest in Italian non-performing loans

Our vision is to build a non-performing debt collection agency that – through the introduction of new technologies and application of ethical behavior – can create a truly sustainable debt collection company

The purpose is to shift the focus from numbers and legal files to people, families. The social impact of unblocking distressed situations and entangled real estate assets can have a significant social and environmental impact:

  • Allowing defaulted borrowers to regain access to the financial sector
  • Regenerating or redeveloping abandoned or run down real estate assets
  • Facilitate the circulation of capital

NPL Services


  • Manage NPL portfolio/illiquid credit professional sale processes
    – Define value-enhancing disposal strategies
    – Sourcing and arranging debt facilities
    – Arrangement of securitisation transactions and placement of publicly or privately placed asset-backed securities and warehouse facilities


  • Asset management for both secured and unsecured NPLs and the underlying real estate assets
  • Debt collection services through both legal procedures and out of court settlement negotiations


  • Scouting of both secured and unsecured NPL portfolios and secured single name investment opportunities
  • Due diligence for the assessment of secured and unsecured NPL
  • Roll up of NPL portfolios to establish value enhancing debt collection strategies

Investment advisory

We work closely with professional investors in their investment strategies as well as support emerging impact investment managers with their fund raising and capital deployment into NPL, real assets and sustainable ventures.

Investment advisory to qualified investors in:

  • Italian NPL
  • Venture capital and private equity in impact investment companies
  • Sustainable real estate and energy assets
  • Set up of investment vehicles
  • Fund raising for investment funds

Real estate

  • Set up of real estate vehicles/fund structures
  • Capital raising for high impact developments (smart cities, co-housing, co-living)
  • Distressed real estate divestiture
  • Arrange bank debt, project financing, commercial mortgage backed securities

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